Promoting Tourism & Cultural Economy

The Delta region has a unique opportunity to showcase its culture and heritage while building local economies at the same time. These creative and cultural economies, made up of local artisans, writers, filmmakers, musicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, and the organizations that support them, are an integral part of our states’ economies.

Creative economies and tourism are some of the best opportunities for economic development for our rural communities. The products and services created and provided in the Delta region are attracting visitors from all over the world. In May 2015, international tourists spent more than $18 billion on travel to, and tourism-related activities within, the United States.



The economic impact is much larger than just having tourists visit a significant place, tour a museum, or attend an event. These are visitors who will shop, eat, and stay in our communities if the infrastructure and opportunities to do so exist. These motels and hotels, restaurants, and shops create jobs within our region. While not the large manufacturing plants we are used to, these jobs are meaningful in the overall growth of our region and especially impactful on smaller communities.

In recognition of tourism as a major economic development opportunity for Delta communities big and small, the DRA is investing resources into the infrastructure and small businesses that support visitors coming to our region and is working with communities, businesses, and attractions to collectively promote the region as a great place to visit. DRA is also supporting the promotion of the Delta region as a prime destination for international and domestic travelers through numerous partnerships.

Delta Creative Placemaking Pilot Initiative (DCPI)