Today’s Delta

As an update to the Today’s Delta released in February 2015, this database presents current county-by-county data across all eight DRA states on indicators of population, educational attainment, poverty, health, economics, and housing. This information has and will continue to support communities and organizations in planning, developing, and implementing economic and community development projects to address the ever-present needs of our local populations. These are projects that will help families get healthier, small businesses attract new business, and workers gain new skills.

The new online tool allows users to compare indicators by county, state, region, and national levels–creating new comparison, new insights, and, ideally, new solutions to strengthen our region. Users are now able to create their own comparisons across indicators and geographies that can be printed for future use. All of this moves the region forward in recognizing where we are so that we can decide where we want to go.

To help ensure that all stakeholders within the region are able to adequately and effectively use this tool, the DRA hosted two webinars to demonstrate the utilization of this online research tool. You can see these webinars on the DRA's YouTube page (/dravideos) or below.

Download the latest 2016 Today's Delta publication to learn about the Delta region, its people, and the obstacles and opportunities in its communities.


Download Today's Delta print publication